Renegade Run – March 2016


The 12th March 2016 marked the day in which the Renegade Run left Bainbridge heading for Navan in Ireland. The day started out for me in my friends Cooper Works mini heading for Seacat in Belfast, where we were meeting up with a few other guys before heading down to Banbridge.

The weather that we were presented with on the way into Belfast was far from ideal, it was absolutely bucketing down which was the end of the clean cars. We met up with a few very interesting cars, including 2 new M4’s, both of which were absolutely stunning.

From here it was a quick journey down the motorway to the outlet where we met up with all of the other cars that would be doing the run with us.

The variety of cars on this run was from a Polo to an F430, a lot of very clean and tidy machines. Shown below is a selection of them in the Banbridge Outlet centre before leaving on the run.

The convoy hit the road, with the first stop being a petrol station on the way to to Cloughead, there was yet more cars here and some sort of charity event with supercar rides and a BBQ. For a group of us this journey was rather longer than it was supposed to be, with one person taking the wrong exit off a roundabout and the convoy behind following, thankfully we all made it there in the end.

After some faffing about here with food and photos we were on our way to Cloughead, through some incredible roads and scenery, driving past all of the people in the little quiet villages who weren’t expecting a line of hot hatches and supercars to come past. Photos below show some of the antics going on at this stop.

Cloughead itself was a stunning location, sea all around us and high up to see for miles. Made for the perfect stop off for a bit of a stretch and some more photos. I actually managed to get the Phantom 3 out for a flight, which can be found in the soon to be released summary video. Again didn’t spend too long here before getting on our way once more to the final location which was a Halfords in Navan.

Setting off towards Navan, with a combination of getting lost again and needing a break, a whole load of cars made an unplanned stop at a small petrol station somewhere in the Irish countryside before continuing on to our final stop before the hotel which was a large Halfords outlet.

After this point we headed a few miles into Navan, where we parked up in the Hotel underground carpark and headed to our rooms. From here the evening consisted of much food, many beers and some dodgy dancing in a club across the road. Great run with Great people. Look forward to the next one.

Montage Video


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