MX5 Diaries – Plans

So after having the car for a few days and serval outings I must say I’m very impressed, nothing really strange or startling to report, I’ve missed having a convertible that’s for sure. It really is hard to beat a blast up the coast with the roof down, even in the winter.

There are however quite a few areas that are going to get a tidy up during my ownership

Engine bay – Quite a few rusty brackets and fixings, nothing too extreme and will be able to sort these with a wire wheel and some spray paint with ease, just sadly the orange colour is one of the first things that attracts your attention when the bonnet is lifted.

Brake discs – Recently replaced by previous owner, but sadly they are not the type that come with already painted hubs, so these are all bright orange and rusty, again more work with the wire wheel and some high heat paint to take the bad look off them.

Floor mats – One is very ropey, the other is missing completely.

Roof – Car has lived outside for a while and it’s just not clean, will be wiped down and sealant applies

Suspension – This will be my biggest job of the lot, the rear shocks and springs are in a sorry, sorry state and do just need completely replaced, front shocks and springs are newer….. but still a tad ropey, don’t think I’d be happy only replacing half of them so the lot is going to come out and be replaced.

Thankfully this car does seem to have been under sealed at some stage of its life, so although a bit crusty in places the underneath isn’t actually to bad, even the dreaded front chassis legs are ok!

So that’s the list for now. I’m sure it will be added to as time goes on though!


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