MX5 Diaries – Purchasing

So as the owner of a estate car and 2 motorbikes, I got into my head that I needed some sort of a change. Over the years I have become more and more of a fair weather biker to the point where I very rarely used the bikes, and not even man math could justify keeping both forever. So my R1 was sold, having covered less than 500 miles in the last year, which as sad as it was it freed up money to spend on something else I didn’t really need.

So the hunt for an MX5 was on, a 1.8 NB in a half decent colour with reasonable miles were my only criteria, but shopping at the beginning of winter your options are somewhat limited. There was one in particular that I had been eyeing up, and one night made the call to go have a look.

So here it is, a 2003 MX5 1.8 Nevada Edition in a rather stunning blue/purple.

Initial reactions were good, I was pleasantly surprised with the condition it was in for the money, nothing obvious jumped out as an issue.

Maybe not particularly fond of the grey roof, but it was part of this “Nevada” edition and I could easily live with it, I even quite like the wheels. They are almost like a mini version of what comes on the RX8.

Grey interior to match the roof, sadly cloth seats and not heated, but I’m not planning to use this as my winter daily, plus I own coats, I can use them if I’m cold. All very good nick inside bar a small missing panel on the drivers side of the dash – I’ll try and find one at some stage.

Fairly comprehensive service history to go along with it, loads of receipts for various bits of work and most of all, the owner knew it inside out, what it was, what was wrong, all of the work carried out to it while he’s owned it. I always find that very reassuring when I’m buying a car from someone I can tell is somewhat of an enthusiast.

So yeah. I’m sold. It’s happening.


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